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  • Why did F.D. choose Make A Wish?
    The founder, Gina Franklin and her husband Josh, have two sons with congenital heart defects. They have lived life in and out of the hospital for months on end. One of their sons was blessed with the opportunity to have a wish granted and they are passionate about helping other families have the ssame experience. By chooseing to purchase through Frank Designs 5% of the profits from your purchase will go towards Make A Wish MN.
  • Why did F.D. choose the Terebinth Refuge?
    The founder, Gina Franklin, is extremely passionate about the travesty of Human Trafficking. It is a priority to give to organizations that are helping women who have been through the devastation of Human Trafficking, for Gina and the Frank Designs team. 5% of the profits from your F.D. purchase will be donated to The Terebinth Refuge.
  • What is the difference between solid 14K and 14K gold filled earrings?
    With the solid gold earrings you will be getting an earring that uses only 14K gold in the contruction of the earring. **If you suffer from sensetivities/allergies we recommend choosing our solid gold option. With 14K gold fill there is a thick layer of 14 K gold over a brass core. The gold on the outside is constructed with 14K gold. This is different from Gold platted as it is much thicker and a higher quality product. This is great optiion for those of you without sensitivites/allergies but still want to shop the Frank Design Jewelry website.
  • What if I lose one of my ear wires?
    We completely understand , life happens and jewelry gets misplaced. If you find yourself in this situation and have lost one of our 14k gold pieces, send us an e-mail and we will special order you a single ear wire for the cost of $48 + your shipping/tax rates. Unfortunately we do not sell the gold filled pieces individually at this time.
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