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925 Sterling Silver AAA Real Freshwater Baroque Pearl Studs


Such a simple style gives a strong, contemporary look.


Simple luxury with these beautiful AAA freshwater pearl stud earrings.

Our classic baroque pearl earrings on a silver pin have been designed by a nature-originated pearl jewelry designer earrings. Completely handmade jewelry, the baroque style of freshwater pearl earrings means that each and every pearl will be unique in shape, size and color. A timeless jewelry statement, a pair of freshwater pearl earrings will add an instant touch of elegance and femininity to any outfit.

925 Sterling pin. 


Size of these earrings vary between 13 mm-16 mm

You can request the smaller or larger in the comments section at the time of check out; our staff will do their best to accommodate your request, according to inventory.


~~~ How to care for your pearls:

Wear them

Easiest advice ever. Pearls require a moist environment; otherwise, they risk drying out and becoming brittle. Wearing your jewelry frequently prevents this as the pearls will absorb moisture from the air and the wearer’s skin. 

Wait after applying personal care products 

Pearls are absorbent, both of the good and bad stuff, meaning you should wait at least 30 minutes after applying personal care products before putting your pearl jewelry on or risk an unsightly stain. This goes for makeup, sunscreen, moisturizer, and even hairspray! 

Wipe them down regularly 

Even if you’ve taken all of the proper precautions before putting your pearl jewelry on, natural body oils, sweat, and other environmental pollutants can still cause staining. The best way to combat unsightly build-up is to gently wipe down your pearls with a soft cloth after every wear (or whenever you can remember!). 







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